The now defunct Facebook group CCBW Reviews was started for the purpose of applying consistent rules and expectations about Social Justice in the babywearing community. The commentaries here are drawn from the work done in that group. The idea was for that work to be more readily available to a wider audience.
We are aware of the educational information released in relation to the #NotYourPodBuTai movement. We appreciate the knowledge share and emphasis on doing better. We are also aware that this information was gathered in order to help non-Chinese speaking people better approximate a proper pronunciation. In that respect, Mei Tai and Meh Dai are both correct Cantonese romanizations, and Bei Dai is a correct Mandarin romanization. In an effort to be an inclusive as possible, we have included all three here. However, should further information become available that emphasizes a move away from Mei Tai entirely, we will respectfully make that change here.