Type(s) of Business
  • Manufacturer/Weaver
Ceyda Temur
POC Owned
Other Related Business(es)?
Location of Manufacturing
Types of Carriers
  • SSC (Soft Structured Carriers)
  • Woven Wraps
  • Ring Slings
  • Mei Tai/Bei Dai*
  • Onbuhimo
Woven Wrap Type(s)
  • Machine Woven
Costs of Carriers
  • Carriers $100-$150 USD
  • Carriers $150-$200 USD
  • Carriers $200-$250 USD
Wrap Sizes: Availability of 8s
  • None
Wrap Sizes: Availability of 9s
  • None
CCBW Analysis
Cultural Inclusivity
  • PoC are not widely represented in this company's marketing campaigns.
Labor Practices
  • Not enough known information
Environmental Practices
  • Not enough known information
Customer Practices
  • History of Censoring Social Media Complaints
Customer Practices Commentary

Call ins over social media are frequently silenced or deleted.

Culturally Appropriative Designs
Resolutions to Appropriation

Podegai - June 2016 they released a carrier that they called a podegai, however many Korean wearers and wearers of Korean descent expressed that the carrier was in no way a podegai.

Ethno Chic- November 2016 they released Ethno Chic and the name plus the design raised a lot of questions. The company shared that it was based on Turkish kilim designs and that the owner was of Turkish descent.

Other IP Violations
Questionable Practices
  • Lack of Diverse Models
  • Sexism/Objectification of Models
Resolutions of Questionable Practices

Late 2015 Kokadi released a series of images featuring male models babywearing. Many felt the styling of the models perpetuated the hypersexualizaiton of babywearing dads, and that the marketing effort was to use sexualization to market towards babywearing moms as opposed to babywearing dads. We recognize that this analysis perpetuates the gender binary and that not everyone identifies as a mom or dad.

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