Type(s) of Business
  • Manufacturer/Weaver
Blue Box Company
POC Owned
Other Related Business(es)?
San Diego, CA, USA
Types of Carriers
  • SSC (Soft Structured Carriers)
  • Mei Tai/Bei Dai*
Costs of Carriers
  • Carriers $100 USD or Less
CCBW Analysis
Cultural Inclusivity
  • Not enough known information.
Labor Practices
  • Not enough known information
Environmental Practices
  • Not enough known information
Customer Practices
  • Poor customer service
  • Poor response to negative feedback
  • History of Product Recalls/Unsafe products
  • Anti-competitive practices
Customer Practices Commentary

Please see "Resolutions to Other IP Violations".

To our knoweldge, concerns were raised as early as 2007 regarding the safety of their SlingRider baby sling. No recall was issued until 2010 - after 3 infants died from asphyxiation.

Culturally Appropriative Designs
Other IP Violations
Resolutions to Other IP Violations

This large company was making carriers that were not ergonomic. To our knowledge, someone employed there purchased a carrier from work at home company Catbird Baby. In our opinion, the design of the Infantino Sash Mei Tai is derived from that carrier with additions that allow for the straps to go through and stay in place, a hood and a more squared panel.

Questionable Practices
  • This company has not engaged in any questionable practices (issues of Cultural Appropriation and IP may be noted elsewhere)

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