Diva Milano

Diva Milano

Type(s) of Business
  • Manufacturer/Weaver
LilyRose Style (UK) LLP
POC Owned
Other Related Business(es)?
London, England, United Kingdom
Location of Manufacturing
Portugal; Italy; India; & Russia
Types of Carriers
  • Woven Wraps
  • Ring Slings
  • Mei Tai/Bei Dai*
Woven Wrap Type(s)
  • Machine Woven
Costs of Carriers
  • Carriers $100 USD or Less
  • Carriers $100-$150 USD
Wrap Sizes: Availability of 8s
  • None
Wrap Sizes: Availability of 9s
  • None
CCBW Analysis
Cultural Inclusivity
  • Not enough known information.
Labor Practices
  • Not enough known information
Environmental Practices
  • Not enough known information
Customer Practices
  • History of Censoring Social Media Complaints
Customer Practices Commentary

See "Resolutions to Other IP Violations" for context.

When consumers asked for accountability on their Facebook post, the company deleted comments.

Culturally Appropriative Designs
Other IP Violations
Resolutions to Other IP Violations

In 2016 Diva Milano released designs identical to Girasol. All the designs were exclusives that were run through Girasol but originally commissioned by Diva Milano's proprietor. However, Girasol was the designer. It is unclear to the public as to who owns the rights to those designs. We consider this issue unresolved.

Questionable Practices
  • This company has not engaged in any questionable practices (issues of Cultural Appropriation and IP may be noted elsewhere)

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