Baby Tula

Baby Tula

Type(s) of Business
  • Manufacturer/Weaver
POC Owned
Other Related Business(es)?
Associated Business(es)
San Diego, California, USA
Types of Carriers
  • SSC (Soft Structured Carriers)
  • Woven Wraps
  • Ring Slings
Woven Wrap Type(s)
  • Machine Woven
Costs of Carriers
  • Carriers $100-$150 USD
  • Carriers $150-$200 USD
  • Carriers $200-$250 USD
  • Carriers $250 USD or Above
CCBW Analysis
Cultural Inclusivity
  • Not enough known information.
Labor Practices
  • Poorly Waged Workers
Labor Practices Commentary

Questions have been raised regarding manufacturing in Mexico and whether works are paid fair wages in comparison to the profits made by the owners. There are no clear answers to this or to whether manufacturing is still done in Mexico.

Environmental Practices
  • Not enough known information
Customer Practices
  • Poor response to negative feedback
  • Anti-competitive practices
Customer Practices Commentary

As concerns arose about Tula’s practices, they continuously made blog statements. Some people feel the company didn’t properly address these concerns, and only side-stepped the questions.

Culturally Appropriative Designs
Resolutions to Appropriation

Fletcher & Archer - This specific stylization of arrows is widely considered appropriative of iconography of some North American indigenous peoples.

Willow - This stylization of feathers is widely considered appropriative of some North American indigenous peoples and their traditional stylings of feathers (which do have meanings).

Sugar Skulls - Sugar Skulls are specific to Dia del los Muertos (DDLM) celebrations in Mexico and parts of Central America. DDLM is a religious holiday rooted in indigenous traditions and the commodification of sugar skulls in this fashion is considered appropriative.

Dynasty - The fabric is a Riley Blake Design called “Riley Blake Year of the Ninja” and is widely considered appropriative as the West often fetishizes and decontextualizes bits and pieces of varying Asian cultures.

Other IP Violations
Questionable Practices
  • This company has not engaged in any questionable practices (issues of Cultural Appropriation and IP may be noted elsewhere)

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