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Type(s) of Business
  • Manufacturer/Weaver
Alexandra Lyons & Kellie Rakich
POC Owned
Other Related Business(es)?
Location of Manufacturing
Types of Carriers
  • SSC (Soft Structured Carriers)
  • Woven Wraps
  • Ring Slings
  • Onbuhimo
Woven Wrap Type(s)
  • Machine Woven
Costs of Carriers
  • Carriers $100 USD or Less
  • Carriers $100-$150 USD
  • Carriers $200-$250 USD
  • Carriers $250 USD or Above
Wrap Sizes: Availability of 8s
  • In Stock
Wrap Sizes: Availability of 9s
  • Unknown
CCBW Analysis
Cultural Inclusivity
  • PoC are widely represented in this company's marketing campaigns.
  • PoC are employed to design culturally significant designs.
Labor Practices
  • Not enough known information
Environmental Practices
  • Not enough known information
Customer Practices
  • Accountable to negative feedback
Culturally Appropriative Designs
Resolutions to Appropriation

Samba, one of their earliest designs, was widely questioned by a variety of people - including POC. While the design is questionable - being evocative of popular "tribal" designs - it is a based on a free-hand drawing by one of the owners. The name is also appropriative as neither owner is Brazilian with Afro-Indigenous roots. The call-in of this design is what prompted their collaboration with Australian Aboriginal artist Elizabeth Close.

Other IP Violations
Questionable Practices
  • Insensitive to Plus-Size Wearers
  • Other Concerns
Resolutions of Questionable Practices

During a 2016 exchange in the Facebook group Babywearers of Diversity (which spilled over into CCBW Reviews), Kellie made comments insinuating that larger wearers don't necessarily need woven wraps in their base size. Alex issued an apology on behalf of the company.

Upon the 2016 release of the #NotYourPodBuTai graphics, Ankalia made the decision to discontinue the manufacturing of their Mei Tai. In their statement, they said profits from the sales of their remaining products would be donated to World On My Shoulders - a US-based non-profit organization that supports domestic violence victims and low-income caregivers. However, the organization was wholly unrelated to any aspect of the movement and had not been contacted about being the recipient of these funds. It was only after being contacted by World On My Shoulders that they released a follow-up statement that they would choose a more appropriate organization to donate to.

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