Context and Nuance

We recognize that there are a lot of questions out there about the site. We hope you will take a moment to watch an excerpt from Julia Walker’s presentation at the March 2017 WEAR Conference.* She is the one behind the original CCBW Reviews, and this website is part of her vision. It was during this presentation that she introduced the site to the world.

As this is an excerpt, we would like to add some context to her remarks. At the start of her speech, Julia shared that there are seven types of wearers. The objective was to point out how you – generally speaking – came into wearing, where you exist in this community, and your relationship to other wearers.

  1. Inherited: Generational wearers who likely have no knowledge of the community.
  2. Environmental: People who were introduced to wearing by circumstance. Know of the industry, but not super active.
  3. Casual: Someone who goes to meetings and participates in the community (whether in person or online).
  4. Hobbyist: The collector.
  5. Community Face: The bloggers and people admining/leading babywearing groups.
  6. Manufacturer
  7. Retailer

*Video is fully captioned.